I make sure to use the best tools available for every task at hand. This list highlights programs I have found to be valuable for running my life.

OS X Software

  • iTerm2

  • Google Chrome

  • Alfred

  • bat

  • vim

  • tmux


  • Fantastical

  • Scanner Pro

  • Drafts

  • WhatsApp

  • Calm

  • Todoist

  • contacts+

Cloud Software


I use Evernote to keep track of valuable information that I come across surfing the web or reading books. I'm still looking for a convenient way to automatically get my kindle highlights imported into notes.

Google Drive

I use Google Drive primarily as archive for printed documents that I scan using my iPhone.


I use Github as a source code repo, but also as a continuous integration and project management tool. Github has rapidly increased their innovation speed since they've been taken over by Microsoft, and now they replaced several other tools such as Trello or Gitlab for me.

  • Google Mail

  • Google Calendar

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