Having a set of values provides a compass for making tough decisions.


I recognize that in order to become the best I can possibly be, I have to make sacrifices. I have to leave my comfort zone and accept challenges. Doing the right things can be uncomfortable, hard or painful. I will not allow these inconveniences to stop me.


Life is short, and I want to consciously experience any waking moment. I use meditation to train my mind to be focused, aware and present.

Efficiency & Impact

Make the biggest possible impact with the resources at my disposal. No waste. Focus on doing things that matter most. I keep a private Github Repo where I plan quarterly and long term objectives as well as ongoing weeks.


I won't take for granted what someone tells me I can do or cannot do. I am always on the lookout for ways to shape reality according to my own ideas. I take ownership over my life and refrain from outsourcing decisions.

Further insights why it's a good idea to define one's core values:

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